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Profesionales Cuaderno Juridico

Издательство: En Clave-Ele
Profesionales is a communicative course for adults and young adults, beginners and false beginners, who wish to learn Spanish for business purposes. Real-life situations introduce language items using task-based teaching. Real-life situations introduce language contents using task-based teaching. Each lesson is presented in a three-page spread that work independent one from each other. Each double page presents a situation that is going to take place in the company. There is a Final task at the end of each lesson. A Final Project integrates all the learned contents in each section and encourages students to work in groups and simulate the real world of a company. -This material includes a grammar appendix and a plurilingual glossary at the end. Complementary materials: Vocabulary workbooks for Law, Economics or Medical purposes. Each lesson has a part related to business culture in Spain and Latin America.
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Язык spa
Количество страниц 48
Переплет мягкий
Размеры 274x206 мм
Формат (274x206 мм)
ISBN 978-2-09-034477-6
Вес 350 г.
Период Вне периодов
Предмет Прочие
Тип материала Рабочие тетради, прописи, альбомы
Обложка Profesionales Cuaderno Juridico, 2006 г.