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DVD. Interchange Intro Video

Серия: Interchange Third Edition
Interchange Third Edition is a 4-level series for adult and young adult learners of English from the beginning to the high-intermediate level. The Video is designed to review and extend the topics and language presented in the Student's Book, or provide the basis for a short course. It contains 16 entertaining dramatized sequences and authentic documentaries. Based on the language and vocabulary in the Student's Book, the sequences are short, free standing, and easy to use. The Video is available in NTSC (VHS), SECAM and PAL formats.
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Размеры 192x136 мм
Формат (192x136 мм)
Вес 87 г.
Период Вне периодов
Предмет Английский язык
Тип материала Аудио и видеокурсы, мультимедийные издания;   Учебники: основные
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